Monday, March 7, 2016

Video Game Characters

These 8x8 Halo pieces show Master Chief and Cortana.  The first was commissioned as a gift for a customer's husband.  It looked so good I made a second to showcase at my first comic book store event.

A 6x8 Paper Mario from Paper Mario.  

This 6x8 Foxy from Five Nights at Freddy's was my first in store sale!

This 4x6 Mega Man was the third paper craft I ever made.  I fixed his helmet after the photo was taken.  

This seven layer Meta Knight from Kirby was made as a birthday gift for my Nephew.  The sword actually starts in one layer and ends at a higher one so it comes at you. 

Pika!  Pika pi!  Pikachu. Pika Pika.  Pikachu.  Pika pika.  Pikachu!

This 6x8 Kirby was made as a gift for my Niece and was my first attempt at a full background.  Midway through creating it, I made Kirby reach for the star.  Too cute.

I love The Legend of Zelda!  These two 6x8 show Link from The Wind Waker and the original Legend of Zelda.  I blended different aspects of different games to express my love of the entire series.  

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  1. And there's Pikachu! These are all awesome! I love the style you're using, it is very eye-catching and expressive. Just fabulous work Jeff!