Monday, March 7, 2016

College Mascot 3-D Paper Dioramas

College mascots are always a joy to turn 3-D.  This 8x8 Sparky was commissioned twice over a series of 3 days.  I showed it to a coworker and he nearly took out his wallet right then and there.  I also made a 6x8 Sparky that sold at my first show.

 This 6x8 University of Hawaii Rainbow Warrior is interesting because the black lines are actually made of thinly cut black paper.  If you look at the details on the face, you can see that every line was cut as a single piece.  

The 6x8 University of Arizona Wildcat was one of the largest paper crafts I have ever made. It is around 6.5 inches across and is ten layers thick.  I used a wood grain paper to mimic the wood on a basketball court and the glossy paper I used for the white contrasts nicely against the matte blue.

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