Monday, March 7, 2016

Real life

This 8x8 JFK commission was one of the most unique pieces I have ever had the pleasure of making.  It was my first venture into silhouettes and I even used the piece I cut out to make an bonus art card for the customer.  There is a wire going through the back of the microphone so it will never bend.

I was afraid I wouldn't be able to make a 3-D car out of flat pieces of paper, but I think I did ok.  There is a thin piece of transparent plastic used for the windows and windshield and the car seat sits back two layers.

This unique art piece stands out due to its simplicity.  The bench stands about 4-6 layers in front of the back and it casts a massive shadow when the light hits it.  The tree spans across three layers and is set in front of the bench.  My favorite part is the bush.  I modeled it after the bushes in Super Mario Bros.  

This 8x10 piece was made as a birthday gift for my father.  It shows my father hugging my niece after she successfully landed her first model airplane.  I hand cut the mat for the picture and made it part of the background.

This 8x8 camera was my first real life object I was asked to turn 3-D.  I was afraid it would be too simple to be interesting, but after separating each square piece it turned out great.  I had to cut the background three times because I was unhappy with the first one and my knife slipped on the second.  This shows the final result.

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  1. Your dad had told me that he was teaching Emma to fly model planes. That is an excellent piece as well. I love how you really captured that moment and all the feels.