Monday, March 7, 2016

Movie themed paper crafts

This 8x8 Boba Fett has been commissioned several times.  The helmet is made out of three layers and the cape is made of two.  My favorite part is the belt; each pouch has its own closing flap!

This 8x8 R2D2 is made out of different layers of different sizes.  the front leg actually consists of 5 individual layers.  

This 6x8 Beauty and the Beast piece was made for my wife as a Christmas gift.  I am really proud of the small details such as her earrings and the individual leaves on the rose.

This 6x8 piece shows a pair of Minions and was made as a birthday present for my mother.  It shows one of my first attempts at eyes.  I used resume paper for the irises.  

Witness Me!  This series of three 6x8 Mad Max themed paper crafts were commissioned for a pair of hardcore Fury Road fans.  I later replaced the black hand on Nux with flesh colored paper.

This 6x8 depicts "Blue" from Jurassic World.  The piece was originally planned as a 8x8 and was supposed to be over 9 layers thick.  I had to use smaller spacing paper and was able to fit her into to a frame that usually allows only 3 layers max.  If you look closely at the toes, each piece was raised a level to make a highly detailed 3-D effect.

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