Monday, March 7, 2016

Music themed paper crafts

"My daughter loves music."  From that sentence, I developed the plans for this 8x8 piece.  Just like the Wonder Woman piece, I curled the paper to make her hair flow.

This 6x8 AC/DC piece was commissioned by a coworker who loves the band.  I based it on a combination of their Stiff Upper Lip album and concert footage.

This 6x8 original piece was commissioned for a baby's room.  Rock and Roll themed nursery?  ROCK ON!  

This 6x8 Scorpions piece was my first venture into negative space.  It reminds me a lot of H.R. Giger for some reason.

This 8x8 Smashing Pumpkins piece is my take on their Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness cover.  It made the perfect Valentine's Day gift for my wife.

This 8x8 Taylor Swift commission is my take on her Speak Now album cover.  It was commissioned by a coworker for his daughter after they went to one of Taylor Swift's shows.

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