Monday, March 7, 2016

Comic book themed paper crafts

This 6x8 is of the '68 comic logo specifically made as a gift for series creator Jay Fotos.  If you have never read '68, you are seriously missing out.  '68 is a gritty zombie apocalypse story set during the Vietnam War.

This 6x8 piece was created as a gift for Jeff Pina showcasing his original character "Dr. Oblivion."  Jeff Pina is one of the nicest people at any con and his comics are amazing.  If I had to pick a favorite, it would be "Dr. Oblivion's guide to Family Reunions."  

This 8x8 Flash vs Anti-Flash was commissioned by a fifth grade student.  He came up with the idea, I just paperfied it.  It's hard to see from the photo, but the center is actually raised off of the back.  I also like the different facial expressions of the two characters.  The Flash seems worried, but Anti-Flash is chill.

This 6x8 Harley Quinn shows my minimalist style pretty nicely.  Just the eyes on the mask tell you everything you need to know about her character.

This three part Avengers piece consists of three 6x8 paper crafts.  The white part of the costumes are a shiny paper and they reflect the light quite nicely.  I still need to make Black Widow, Thor, and Hawkeye to finish off the team.

This 6x8 Batman shows some of my smallest cut details.  If you zoom into his hand, you can see each individual finger.  The cape consists of two different pieces at different levels and his eye is made of a shiny paper to is glistens in the light.

This 8x8 piece is from Saurai Deeper Kyo.  The customer gave me a reference photo copied from the manga and I ran with it.  There is a wire running through the sword so it won't bend and the grey is cut as a series of nets that span across several layers.

This 6x8 depicts Bebop and Rocksteady from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles TV show.  A good friend requested it as a gift and it turned out so good I made one for a recent show.  

This 6x8 piece was made as a gift for Stephanie Lesniak.  It depicts her character "Beans" from her series Blazing Brandy.  My wife and I always commission her every time we see her at a convention so I thought it was about time for her to get some original artwork of her own.

This 8x8 Deadpool piece casts a nice shadow across the background.  I used a shiny paper for the eyes to give some extra texture. 

This 6x8 Raphael is based on the first comics collection of the turtles.  I used a metallic paper for the sai.

This 8x8 Wonder Woman piece was my first large commission.  I realized I forgot to glue on the metal bracelet, but I fixed it before I delivered it to the customer.  The hair is lightly twisted to have it appear to be waving in the wind.

This 6x8 was created as a gift for Steve Crompton depicting one of his original characters.  I thought of the composition when I saw a generic picture of a fairy blowing on a dandelion.  Why not have a demoness blowing a kiss of bats.

This 6x8 zombie piece is one of my first original compositions.  The glass actually goes through the neck of the zombie and his head actually pokes through the opening.  The boards are on the front level to give it an extra deep 3-D effect.

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