Monday, March 7, 2016

Television themed 3-D paper crafts

This 8x8 Dr. Who piece was the first to show my minimalist style.  I have also made a 6x8 version of this piece, and a version where the doctor is in his blue suit.

This 8x10 Game of Thrones piece is a beast!  It consists of over 123 individual pieces.  The chair consists of over 5 layers alone.  If you look closely, you might just find the Master Sword from The Legend of Zelda.

This 8x8 24 piece was difficult to make due to the gun's forward facing position.  It was the first piece I had to ship to another state.

These two 6x8 Walking dead pieces are now residing in two different classrooms at my school.  I really like how Michonne's sword stretches across the length of the piece.

This 8x8 Daryl piece was also made into a 6x8 size.  The only difference was that the logo goes across the side.

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