Monday, March 7, 2016

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

This 6x8 Derpy heart was the first 3-D paper craft I ever made.  After I made it, I knew I had discovered a talent I never knew I had.

This 6x8 DJ-Pon3 was the second piece I ever made.  I used tinfoil for her glasses; that was before I discovered metallic paper.

This 6x8 DJ-Pon3 heart was the last piece I made with double stick tape.  The glassess were made with tinfoil which made them really light and her hoof is actually two layers above her tail for a cool 3-D effect.

This 6x8 Fluttershy was made for a close friend after she announced she was working on a Fluttershy cosplay.  This piece shows my first venture into cutting details into the paper itself.  The butterflys were made with hand cut thin blue paper strips and a DIY music box hole punch.

I never leave home without my party cannon!  This 6x8 piece of Pinkie Pie stands out nicely against the bright yellow paper.  It is honestly one of the happiest pieces I have ever made.

This 4x6 Pinkie Pie was the fourth piece I ever made.  I kept it simple, but I got more and more elaborate from here.

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